Service Update 6th April 2024

April, 06, 2024

Due to the medical problems and the need to attend various hospital and doctors appointments, we have reluctantly decided to cancel our attendance at both the Guild summer show at Kempton Park and the Guildex show at Stafford. Please accept our appologies for this

PPP 06.04.2024

Orders are shipping on a regular basis and we are now back to working full days, however, we are running about 6 - 7 days behind, whilst we are trying to reduce this delay, at the present time we feel that it is unlikely. This is not helped by the need to attend various doctor and hospital appointments. We will update this page on a semi regular basis.

PPP 31.03.2024

We have now been shipping orders for about a week, however, owing to medical instructions we are only working short days. We are estimating that it will take us at least 2 weeks to clear the backlog and would like to apologise to all who have experienced delays during this period.
Because of these delays the price increase due to take effect from the 1st April will be held until the 1st June.

PPP 12.03.2024

The new computers have now arrived and are slowly being installed, this is not being helped by medical instructions to work limited amounts of time. We hope to, slowly, start shipping orders out at the end of this week. Please bear with us and we will get all orders sorted as soon as we are able.

PPP 04.03.2024

To top all of the medical problems, the office computers have now crashed completely, it will be a few days before we can have replacements in place, please bear with us 

PPP 21.02.2024

 On top of the Family Medical Issues mentioned below, we now have some personal Medical Problems that WILL affect the service. The sooner that we can get these problems sorted the better.

Please accept our appologies for the inconvinience caused by these problems, we want to get them sorted so that we can stop being in pain asnd get back to work.

PPP 20.02.2024

Owing to Family Medical Issues we are currently running behind.

This is a particular issue with production, Please be aware that any order that gets flagged as a 'Stock Issue' may take longer than usual for us to produce the missing items and dispatch.

Please accept our apologies for this, however, family must come first.

PPP. 19.01.2024

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  1. Peter Bowes

    Get well soon! Your health comes first, thanks for letting us know. Take care. Peter

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