This is the downloads page where you can download information on our products and instructions on how to use some of our products.

NEW Prices for Precision Paints and Cherry Paints Products took effect on the 6th June 2022. There will be NO change to Prices of any Carr's Solder or flux Products, however, some chemical prices have changed.

Prices for other ranges have also increased, in some cases by up to 25%. - It should be noted that this will be the first time we have increase prices for the DMR, Churchward, NNK and JE detailing ranges since we aquired them.

Please Note: Owing to the current volatile nature of Raw Materials - All prices are subject to change without notice.


Precision Paints Catalogue

Precision Paints Price List

Carr's Catalogue

Carr's Pricelist



Precision Paints Manufacturers Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Old Version


Etch Primers 

PQ1 Aerosol Etch Primer MSDS

PQ30 Black Two Part Etch MSDS (for the activated thinners see PQ32 below)

PQ31 Grey Two Part Etch MSDS (for the activated thinners see PQ32 below)

PQ32 Two Part Activated Thinners (for either PQ30 or PQ31)


Solvents and Thinners 

PQ17 Pre Paint Cleaner


Carr's Fluxes 

C1020 / C1021 Red Flux

C1022 / C1023 Black Flux

C1024 / C1025 Green Flux 

C1026 / C1027 Yellow Flux

C1028 / C1029 Orange Flux

C1030 / C1031 Brown Flux

ExKirk Instructions

8871 Maunsell High Window 6 compartment Brake Third 

8873 Maunsell Open Third

8875 Maunsell Kitchen First Restaurant Car

8876 Bullied 59 foot Corridor Brake Third  

8877 Bullied 59 foot Corridor Composite

8880 Maunsell Low Window Composite

8881 Maunsell Low Window Corridor Third

8882 Maunsell Low Window 6 compartment brake Third

8883 Maunsell Low Window 6 compartment brake Composite

8884 Maunsell Low Window 4 compartment brake Third

Coach Addendum Sheet

8895 2 Bil Electric Multiple Unit

Southern Bogie Assembly


About Phoenix Paints

Manufacturers and Suppliers of paint, Solder, Flux as well as associated Kits and bits and pieces for Railway, Military and Road Transport Models. The majority of our paint, whilst manufactured using the latest technology, is Traditional High Quality oil based paint formulated to original specifications to ensure your models always look their best. If you require sizes not listed on this website please contact us for pricing and availability. Please read our Disclaimer on colour accuracy and quantities/sizes.

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