Dean Sidings

February, 07, 2022

Whilst the last two years have not been the best, we have not entirely forgotten about the Dean Sidings problems. As the report below states, in April 2019 we placed an order for a small batch of the 'Lochgorm Tank' , with the intention to reintroduce the range bit by bit. After four months of waiting, a lot of excuses and other problems, we eventually cancelled the order and had the masters returned to ourselves.

We were just about in the position to make some decisions and make and anouncement when we went into lockdown and the day to day work increased by about 250%.

We are now in a position to announce that we are going to redo the parts of the range that have not been produced, or scheduled for production, in ready to run form as 3d printed bodies in either HIPS (polystyrene) or ABS plastic. The major advantage of this type of production is that we will not have to carry large amounts of stock items that we do not know if they will sell and we will be able to produce a much large range of prototypes from the Welsh Valley lines, Furness, GSWR, LT&S etc. (including the Baltic tanks)

We will post more as we have more information.

February 7th 2022


As some people will be aware, over the last year to eighteen months we have received a number of very worrying reports about the quality of work being received from the casters used to produce the resin bodies. If this had all come from one source it may not have concerned us greatly, however, when it comes from sources in both the model railway and model bus sides of the hobby and the reports are consistant you start to take notice.

As such we have held off ordering any new production until such time as an alternative production facility or method can be sorted.

At the beginning of April we placed an order with a new caster for a small run of the 'Lochgorm' Tank and these should arrive shortly. The price is expected to be £65.00. 

We will then start a gradual restock of most of the kits. 

April 16th 2019 

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