Xuron Track Cutter for OO/HO, N & Z Gauge Rails

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Xuron Track Cutter for OO/HO, N & Z Gauge Rails


Xuron Track Cutter for OO/HO, N & Z Gauge Rails

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• Original Micro-Shear® flush cutter
• Awarded US Patent 3774301
• Unique Micro-Shear® blade by pass cutting method
• Mid range cutter from Xuron
• For cutting soft wire to 12 AWG (2.05mm) 

Xuron Track Cutter for "HO" "00" "N" and "Z" Gauge Rails

A favorite of model railroaders worldwide. Xuron®'s Micro-Shear® cutting action leaves clean square cuts on both brass and nickel silver track - sizes HO, N and Z. For best results, position track in the center of the jaws (top to bottom). 

Not for use on nichrome or other types of hard wire.

Type of Tool:

• Cutter

Project type:

• Model Railroading

Special Features:

• Semi-Flush Cutting

Wire size:

• 30
• 29
• 28
• 27
• 26
• 25
• 24
• 23
• 22
• 21
• 20
• 19
• 18
• 17
• 16
• 15
• 14
• 13
• 12


• Wire
• Silver Wire
• Plastic Cable Ties
• Picture Framing Wire
• Model Railroad Track - OO/HO, Z & N Gauge
• Gold Wire
• Floral Wire
• Electrical Wire
• Craft Wire
• Copper Wire
• Annealed Wire



Founded in 1971, Xuron Corp. is one of the world's leading manufacturers of ergonomic, electronics grade hand tools for the electronics, aerospace, plastic moulding, wire processing, hobby, craft, jewellery and fishing industries.

Xuron Corp. is the original inventor, and patent holder, of the Micro-Shear® blade by-pass cutting technology used on all Xuron® brand cutters.


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