Bob Moore Craftsman Plus Pen Set

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Bob Moore Craftsman Plus Set


R L Moore Engineering R L Moore Engineering


Bob Moore Craftsman Plus Pen Set


The Bob Moore’s Master Lining Pen evolved from the need to be able to line a model more easily than with a brush or bowpen, as these methods, in the hands of an amateur, did not give consistent results. 

After some trials a pen was developed which would do the required job. 

This was tried out by a number of modellers, who had no previous experience of lining, with excellent results.


Each set contains one handle with a ball jointed head socket. The pen head which incorporates a small reservoir for the paint (one spot of paint will produce 30” to 60” of line). Two Guides and full instructions. 

Also included is a test plate which has been lined using the actual pen head included in the set. Each pen is individually tested before it is packed.

We recommend the purchase of a 2ml syringe to ensure proper cleaning of the head 


Contents:   Craftsman Plus set - includes one each of 0.008” Fine, 0.012”Standard & 0.020” Standard Plus Heads

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