L.N.E.R. B17 and Choice of Tender

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Product information

L.N.E.R./B.R. Gresley B17 4-6-0 & Choice of Tender


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L.N.E.R. B17 and Choice of Tender

Group Standard 4200 Gal (Low F
G.E.R. Style 3500 gal Tender

London North Eastern Railway Gresley B17 class Locomotive Kit

Will produce either a 'Footballer' or 'Sandringham' depending on the choice of tender

Supplied with a Choice of Tender


A. Supplied with the Group Standard 4200 gallon Low Front Tender.

B. Supplied with the 3500 gallon G.E.Style Tender


Technical Specifications


Scale: 7mm:1ft (O Gauge, Scaleseven)  

Material: Etched Brass Kit with a Nickel Silver chassis and Brass and Whitemetal Castings

Requires Wheels, Motor and Gears. Solder, Paint and Transfers.

We recommend the use of either Carr's Model Products or Churchward models solders and Pre Paint Cleaners, Etch Primers and Paints from Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd

Etches MAY have sharp edges.  Castings MAY contain lead.
Care should be taken when handling as we can not accept responsibility for damage to persons or property or illness caused by handling either etches or whitemetal castings.




Please Note: Not all colours are available in all sizes.
Please see our disclaimer regarding colour and quantities below.



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