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Metro Models, and now Radley Models, are part of the Phoenix Precision Family.

Update 30th March 2024.
                               Firstly, the medical problems mentioned elsewhere on this site have unfortunately put back the reintroduction of the Metro Models kits, hopefully by not
                               too much - please accept our appologies for this.

                               Secondly, with effect from the 1st April 2024, the Radley Models range has been aquired by Ourselves.
                               This was not the best time for the transfer, however, as discussions had been ongoing for at least the last nine months the deal needed to be
                               completed when it was.
                               Whilst we have a stock list of what has be passed to us, it only lists the 'major' components ie. body shells and floors/chassis, other parts are listed as
                               'box of xxx components' etc. It is our intention to get 'what we can' sorted for sale asap, however, it is likely to take us between 3 - 6 months to get
                               everything sorted, and even longer to get all items back in stock. Please bear with us.

Update 14th Oct 2023. We now believe that we have solved the problems that have dogged us for the last year and have now produced warp free bodies for a number of types of both tube and surface stock. We are now sorting out interiors for the units and all of the parts to enable us to supply a complete kit, with the exception of paint and adhesives. We are also looking at the possibility of commisioning transfers that will be provided free with each kit, these transfers will NOT be sold seperately.

Assuming we do not have any more problems, the first models available will be the 1960 Tube Stock, 1973 Tube Stock and the 'A' Stock. We will also be producing kits with bodyshells modified to produce the Track Recording Train.

We are currently working to allow us to print the models in the UK. Apart from keeping money in the UK economy, it should also mean that the unit price of models is cheaper than production outside the UK. This will enable us to pass on the savings to you the customer, both in the UK and the rest of the world.

If you wish to express an interest in one of the currently listed models, or to make enquiries about other models please send an email to sales@phoenix-paints.co.uk with 'Metro Models and the stock designation in the subject line' - ie. 'Metro Models C stock'

Please also be aware that owing to the Current World situation and the weak pound, prices will, almost certainly, have to rise in the near future.

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