Sliced Cork Strip (Straight Edges)

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C1082 Sliced Cork strips


Sliced Cork Strip (Straight Edges)


Sliced Cork strips for track base - with straight edges


Cork is a widely used track underlay. When sliced it is fast to lay and preserves your setting out markings. It may be curved to suit the plan required without further cutting. 

Each pack contains 20 strips - each 2 feet long (610mm).

They are laid in pairs and therefore one pack will cover 10 x 2 ft = 20 feet of single track (6.1m). If used for double track then each pack will cover 10 feet (3.05m)

How to use - Mark a centre line of your proposed track position. Lay one edge against this line, so that when the second strip is laid against it, the joint still represents the ‘centre line’ for accurate track laying. 

We suggest that you never pin your track down; for this will tend to cause the sleepers to bend inwards and so reduce the gauge between the rails. A light smear of Evo-Stik, about every 3 to 4 sleepers is usually all that is required. If necessary, weights can be used to hold the track in position whilst the glue dries.



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