Sharman Wheels

Available for OO, EM and S4 gauges our wheels  have black Glass Filled Nylon centres, moulded directly into a steel tyre which has been turned to the recommended profile for each gauge. During the turning of each tyre the opportunity is taken to turn a deep groove and an anti twist feature into the inside face, thus making it impossible for the tyres to fall off or twist on the centres.  
During the moulding process a 14BA steel crankpin is encapsulated within the crankpin boss. Wheels are supplied with either  OO, EM or 18.83 axles (which unless stated is 1/8" diameter) together with nuts and bushes .

Crank Throw.  The total throw of the crank i.e.: wheel centre to crankpin x 2, this dimension will be the same as the stroke when it is an outside cylindered engine but could be different if it is an inside cylindered engine.

Pin. The crankpin position in relation to the spoke, Inline= Pin in line with the spoke, Between= Pin between the spokes.

Rim. This gives a description of the inner rim of the wheel, a plain rim is the standard type, whilst a bevel rim, or Stanier, denotes that the spokes are flared into a heavily bevelled rim. This type of wheel was fitted in the main to L.M.S. Locomotives and the B.R. standards.

ALL of the Sharman Wheels Diesets are extremely worn out and we reserve the right to withdraw any item without notice. We have no current plans to produce new stock.


Prices are for 'phone orders - Orders made via this website will receive a £1.00 discount per axle

Driving Wheels - with Crankpins:    £14.00

Driving Wheels - Plain:                    £10.00

Bogie/Tender Wheels:                      £ 7.00

Special Wheels:                                £18.00

Nickel Silver Tyres: (If available)    Plus £2.00 axle on above prices


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