L.N.E.R. 12" Gold Nø '9' (1 Pair)

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Product information

L.N.E.R. 12" Gold N° '9' (1 Pair)


Precision Transfers Precision Transfers


L.N.E.R. 12" Gold Nø '9' (1 Pair)


Scale:          1 1/2":1 foot  (7 ¼" gauge)

Quantity:      One pair (2)

Base:            Waterslide 


The standard 12" high L.N.E.R. numbering in Gold shaded red and black.

NOTE: The height is over the gold letters. The shading is additional to the height. 

As applied to All Green locomotives from 1923 until replaced by British Railways.

Used in conjunction with the 12" high Gold Letters.


Technical Specifications 

Screen printed transfers, printed using an ink that replicates the paint provided by Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd. almost exactly in both chemical resistance and colour stability.
Once printed these transfers are coated with a ‘varnish coat’ that bind the different areas of the transfer together to make a single entity such as in the words ‘Great Western’. 
This varnish coat can be removed once the transfer has been applied and is dry to leave an almost factory printed finish.

Please Note: Not all transfers are available in all scales. 
Please see our disclaimer regarding colour and quantities below.         


About Phoenix Paints

Manufacturers and Suppliers of paint, Solder, Flux as well as associated Kits and bits and pieces for Railway, Military and Road Transport Models. The majority of our paint, whilst manufactured using the latest technology, is Traditional High Quality oil based paint formulated to original specifications to ensure your models always look their best. If you require sizes not listed on this website please contact us for pricing and availability. Please read our Disclaimer on colour accuracy and quantities/sizes.

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