Superstrip 2

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Superstrip 2


Phoenix Precision Paints Phoenix Precision Paints


Superstrip 2

1 Litre

Superstrip 2 - Probably the Ultimate Paint Stripper

For the fast, safe (non caustic) , removal of paint from plastic and metal models.



PLEASE NOTE: Superstrip 2 is chemically different from Superstrip and MAY affect plastics that Superstrip did not.
WE SERIOUSLY recommend testing before use.


SuperStrip 2 is very economical to use. It can be used many times before it loses it’s efficiency. Please note that it has been impossible to test all available paint finishes so there will inevitably be some paints that SuperStrip 2 will not remove.


As a precaution we advise the removal of glazing material as we have found some that will ‘cloud’ when in contact with SuperStrip 2.


Instructions for use.

Superstrip 2 is a blend of solvents, as such we seriously recommend the use of suitable skin and eye protection. Use in a WELL VENTILATED area.

Superstrip 2 can be used in either of two ways. The first is by immersing the item to be stripped into Superstrip 2, the second is by putting an amount of the solution into a suitable glass or metal container and then brushing the Superstrip 2 onto the surface using an old toothbrush. Time taken to strip a model will depend on the type of finish on the model and a combination of both methods may be required to clean all of the old paint.

Clean stripped models with warm soapy water, Do NOT allow to enter drains.

Degrease model with a suitable solvent prior to painting.

Caution. Superstrip 2 has been tested on many proprietory metal and plastic models with no ill effects. HOWEVER it has been impossible to test all types of plastic and Superstrip 2 should therefore be tested on a small insignificant part of the model to ensure the solvents do not attack the plastic. We are aware that there are some finishes on proprietory models for which Superstrip 2 is ineffective. 


Superstrip 2 may be used many times before it loses its effectiveness. Straining through coffee filters of kitchen towel will remove any bits.

This product may have an adverse effect on some glued joints thus requiring them to be reglued.


Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd. cannot accept any responsibility for damage which might occur due to the use of this product as the method and conditions of use are beyond our control. This does not affect your statutory rights.


Please Note: Not all colours are available in all sizes.
Please see our disclaimer regarding colour and quantities below.


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