Grey 2 part Etch Primer ONLY

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Grey 2 Part Etch Primer ONLY


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Grey 2 part Etch Primer ONLY


Grey 2 Part Etch Primer ONLY

(Requires PQ32 Activator)

Quantity: 125ml

ONLY for use with PQ32

DO NOT use with PQ23



DO NOT Abrade the surface to be etched.

DO NOT polish or ‘buff up’ the surface to be etched.

Etched Primers work FAR better on dull tarnished surfaces than they do on bright shiney, polished or ‘roughed’ up surfaces.

Degrease the surface to be etch primed with the strongest solvent available.

We would recommend PQ17 Pre Paint Cleaner.

Degrease a minimum of 3 times to ensure a chemically clean surface.

DO NOT use washing up liquid as it contains a chemical coating to ensure that crockery etc. ‘sparkles’.

Whilst this coating is harmless for most puposes it reacts with paint and primers causing problems for the unwary modeller.

After degreasing do not touch the surfaces to be primed.

Mix equal quantities of the Activated Thinners with the primer

Spraying pot life is appoximately 3 hours.

Etch primer cannot be sprayed satisfactorily through either an external mix airbrush or a very fine internal mix airbrush.

We would recommend the Badger 200 single action airbrush for all etch primers.

To Brush - Mix and allow to stand for 2 - 3 hours in an open container to thicken up.

Apply one Very Thin coat to the substrate to be primed. It should be just possible to see the substrate through the primer.

Clean Equipment with PQ17 Pre Paint Cleaner.

The primer will only start to etch AFTER IT IS DRY.

Allow a minimum of 24 - 36 hours at a minimum of 18 - 20ºc before applying topcoats.

Expiry: This product has a shelf life.

A best before end date (BBE) is printed on all labels - to ensure the best results from this product use before the best before end date.



Please Note: Not all colours are available in all sizes.
Please see our disclaimer regarding colour and quantities below.


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