179øC. Solder

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C1003 179 Deg C. Solder


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179øC. Solder


Part Nº: C1003.

Form: Wire.

Quantity: Approx 2 metres

Melting Point: 179°C.

Lead Free: NO

Flux: Dependent on metals being joined.

Constituents: Tin/Lead/Silver.


This is a specialised solder for aluminium and its alloys – Mazak, etc. and is used with Grey Label Flux. It has only about half the strength of a tin/lead solder and will fuse with almost any metal provided that the right flux has been used. It has a high surface tension so makes thick joints with large fillets. As aluminium soaks up a lot of heat, use a higher wattage iron than for brass. Soldered aluminium is highly susceptible to corrosion, therefore it is important to seal all joints from the atmosphere within an hour or so of making them. ELEXTROFIX is ideal for this.



Technical Specifications

A High Quality Lead Free solder.

To Avoid Fire do not drop hot solder onto combustible items.
Beware of Hot soldering irons and ancillery equipment.

Do NOT eat or drink whilst using and avoid Breathing Fumes.

Use in a well ventilated area.

Wash joint to remove residues at end of each session.

Wash Hands with soap and water after use.

Please Note: Not all colours are available in all sizes. 
Please see our disclaimer regarding colour and quantities below.

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