WRK005 GWR 40 ton Bogie Loco Coal Wagon

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GWR 40 ton Bogie Loco Coal Wagon


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WRK005 GWR 40 ton Bogie Loco Coal Wagon

This Kit contains instructions that have yet to be rewritten. As such they will be very basic and MAY be difficult to understand.

We do not recommend this kit in its current state if you are a novice kitbuilder.

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GWR 40 Ton Bogie Loco Coal Wagon.

In 1904, the first 40 ton bogie coal wagon was built, the prototype being numbered 54000, being built to lot 507, a further 10 wagons were built under this lot, numbers 539905 (renumbered 3049530500 in 1907) (renumbered again in 1928 to 539616) Also numbers 539969 (built 1905) number 53996 of this batch, sold to war dept. in 1915. These 11 wagons had a single cross shaft under the middle of the wagon, with D.C. ratchet brakes linked to both bogies, the distance between bogie centres being 31 foot. Numbers 54000 &539905 (original numbers) had top swing doors above the side doors, these were given Diagram N1 and the remaining 4 wagons were given Diagram N11.



In 1907, a further 4 wagons were built under the same Lot 507, but were given a separate Diagram N14 because these wagons had two separate D.C. brake systems, one for each bogie, with the ratchet, crosshaft and levers at each headstock, the bogie centres remained at 31 foot.



Again in 1907, a pair of wagons were built, this time to Lot 552, Diagram N15 numbers 53994 and 53992 number 53994 was sold to the war department in 1915. The bogie centres were increased to 33’6" with two separate D.C. brake systems, being placed inboard of the bogies.

All the above wagons were painted all over Black with White numbers, it is not certain when these vehicles were scraped except for a photo of No. 54000 taken in 1948.


G.W.R. Diagram Nº:            N1 / N11, N14, N15

Scale:                                   7mm:1foot  ('O' Gauge / Scaleseven)

Material:                               Etched Brass & White Metal

Additional Parts Required:- 

                                              Solder.   -   Carr's C1002 (183°), C1004 (145°)
                                                                & C1001 (70°)

                                              flux.      -    Carr's C1020 (Red) or
                                                                C1026 (Yellow)

                                              paint.  -       Black P975 (Dia N28)

                                              transfers. -  Standard GW White Wagon

                                              wheels.  -    3' 1"  10 spoke (Slaters 7126)
                                                                 (other wheels are available)


We recommend the use of Carr's Model Products solders and Pre Paint Cleaners, Etch Primers and Paints from Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd.

Etches MAY have sharp edges.  Castings MAY contain lead.
Care should be taken when handling as we can not accept responsibility for damage to persons or property or illness caused by handling either etches or whitemetal castings.



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