WRK011 GWR Giant

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GWR Giant


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WRK011 GWR Giant

This Kit contains instructions that have yet to be rewritten. As such they will be very basic and MAY be difficult to understand.

We do not recommend this kit in its current state if you are a novice kitbuilder.

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GWR Giant

The Telegraphic code name 'Giant is for "a 50ft. bogie covered van with corridor". These vehicles were basically 'Monsters' but instead of end doors, these were fitted with corridors, and the 'Giant' were wider at 8'10 instead of 8' 6”  for the 'Monster'. The first Giants were constructed to diagram P18 in 1920 lot 1265, the running numbers were 5812/58492/5945  13 in all, a further 5 vehicles were built in the 1950's to Dia.P24, these were numbered 506600.

Photographs of the 'Giants' can be found in "Great Western Coaches Part 2 1903~1948 page 263 and Great Western Coaches Appendix page 246, both by J.H.Russell & published by O.P.C.

When the 'Giants' were first introduced they were painted Chocolate for the sides and ends with under frame bogies and corridor connections, Black and the roof painted White.

In 1941 Hawksworth took over, and the roofs. were changed to Light Grey.

From 1948 onwards the body sides were painted Crimson with ends and underframe painted Black. The roofs were left Light Grey. In 1956 there were more changes in the body colour being changed to Maroon with ends and underframe Black and the roofs painted Mid Grey.


G.W.R. Diagram Nº:            P18 / P24

Scale:                                   7mm:1foot  ('O' Gauge / Scaleseven)

Material:                               Etched Brass & White Metal

Additional Parts Required:- 

                                              Solder.   -   Carr's C1002 (183°), C1004 (145°)
                                                                & C1001 (70°)

                                              flux.      -    Carr's C1020 (Red) or
                                                                C1026 (Yellow)

                                              paint.  -       GWR Freight Brown P20

                                              transfers. -  Standard GW Van Yellow

                                              wheels.  -    3' 7"  Plain Disc (Slaters 7125)
                                                                 (other wheels are available)


We recommend the use of Carr's Model Products solders and Pre Paint Cleaners, Etch Primers and Paints from Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd.

Etches MAY have sharp edges.  Castings MAY contain lead.
Care should be taken when handling as we can not accept responsibility for damage to persons or property or illness caused by handling either etches or whitemetal castings.



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